Our Roundtable today – the new 5kg threshold for food waste in Scotland

FWN_icon_binmangnifying_1404The Scottish Waste Regulations have introduced some of the UK’s most forward-thinking zero waste legislation. All food businesses (including schools, hospitals and nursing homes and pretty much anywhere preparing or serving food) must introduce food waste recycling.

Now since 1st January 2016, the threshold has come down from 50kg to affect all business producing over 5kg food waste per week – that’s just a caddy! Using our expertise and contacts from our Food Waste Network, we understand the issues and enjoy encouraging collaboration. We held Waste Regs Roundtables in 2013 and 2015, and the resources sector find them invaluable as an open forum to discuss challenges and find practical solutions.

Our 2016 roundtable discussion takes place today in the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation, looking to build on the progress the previous discussions have made. Representatives from across the Scottish resources sector, including SEPA and Zero Waste Scotland, are set to attend.

Learn more about how the Scottish Waste Regulations affect you and your business – read our factsheet on our downloads page.

Have a look at our findings from 2015’s Waste Regs Roundtable discussion:

See the full version here:

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