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River Cottage event going zero waste with Vegware

We’re excited to announce that we’re helping Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s River Cottage go zero waste at their Spring Food Fair!

Taking place from 28th – 30th May, the event features live music, craft demonstrations, foraging tours, and lots of local, delicious fresh food. We’re working with the River Cottage team to ensure the whole event is zero waste, through using our completely compostable packaging and expert recycling support:

  • All food served on compostable packaging
  • Goes in the food waste bins – complete with our bespoke signage and posters to help avoid contamination
  • Composted at a nearby composting facility
  • In weeks, our waste turns into compost for Devon farmers

We’re big fans of Hugh’s War on Waste at Vegware. Recently it highlighted the fact that 399 out of every 400 coffee cups sold in the UK go to landfill or incineration – more than 7 million a day. We’ve known for years that there’s a huge recycling problem with conventional food packaging – it’s often made of several different materials, and then contaminated with food, making it impractical to recycle.

Vegware’s completely compostable packaging offers a solution to the problem of conventional food packaging recycling. Made from plant-based, low carbon materials, it can simply be recycled with food waste.

Learn more about our expert recycling support at

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