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Vegware wins Footprint Award for helping Aramark site go zero waste!

Exciting news! We won the Waste Management and Reduction award at the Footprint Awards last night for helping Aramark catering go zero waste at BNY Mellon.

The award is in recognition of the work Vegware did with no fewer than five companies to help Aramark eliminate landfill waste  from their catering operations at BNY Mellon. This was achieved by organising the recycling of our compostable packaging with foodwaste, providing fertiliser for local farmers and bio methane to heat homes in London.

Despite facing stiff competition, Vegware were delighted to walk away with a prestigious Footprint award. The judges commented that the work showed ‘great collaboration and great initiative’! 

So how did we help this major Aramark site go zero waste? We worked collaboratively with the catering team, the staff using the packaging at BNY Mellon, the waste collectors Bywaters, and Bio Collectors – the disposal plant processing the waste.

Through this collaboration, Aramark achieve the following annually at BNY Mellon:

  • 19.3 tonnes of carbon saved (that’s like cancelling out the carbon from 231 flights from London to Edinburgh!)
  • 7. 4 tonnes of virgin materials saved
  • 8.2 tonnes of waste diverted from landfill

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