Bagasse plate tableware bowl vegware compostable eco packaging

Vegware is making waves in Barbados

Sun, sea – and Vegware! Campaigners in Barbados have been calling for ways to reduce polystyrene on this Caribbean island. Around seven 40-foot containers of polystyrene products go to their landfills every week, putting a huge strain on the environment and the limited available landfill space.

Vegware’s bagasse takeaway boxes and tableware are made of recycled sugarcane, which can be composted in home or industrial composting. Once it’s broken down, the resulting compost helps plants to grow. Bagasse also has 99% less carbon than polystyrene – so it’s eco friendly from start to finish.

Bico Ltd, the leading manufacturer of ice-cream and frozen desserts in Barbados, have been spreading the word about using Vegware. Edwin Thirwell, Executive Chariman explains:

“We know about the health and environmental risks posed by polystyrene packaging which is widely used in Barbados on a daily basis, and we must do what we can to reduce these risks and protect consumers. We have found a solution in Vegware, and we are urging the public to pay attention to the effect of their choices on our natural environment and their personal health.”

Read more about Vegware’s compostable solution in Barbados in the Barbados Advocate, Loop News Barbados and Barbados Today.

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