Seven sisters spices pram

Seven Sisters Spices: pram-delivered healthy lunches in Lewes

Equipped with an upcycled Silvercross pram, a natural talent for cooking and Vegware’s eco packaging, Chloe Edwards is on a mission to bring delicious lunches to the town of Lewes. We’re not the only ones who love Chloe’s story –  the BBC put together this film on Seven Sisters Spices earlier this year.

“Food has long been a love of mine, having grown up with a very good cook, my mum, who always cooked every family meal from scratch,” explains Chloe. After her 7-year-old daughter was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, a form of blood cancer, Chloe began to work from home in Lewes, East Sussex. Seeing an opportunity to turn her culinary talents into an income, Chloe set up Seven Sisters Spices, specialising in healthy home-cooked food for lunch deliveries and event catering.

Environmentally friendly packaging is as important to Chloe as her fresh ingredients. “I am passionate about reducing plastic production and pollution, and so from the beginning I have been adamant that I would not use plastic packaging for any of my products. Finding Vegware was an answer to my prayers!” Chloe explains.

Chloe refurbished and painted a classic Silvercross pram to transport her lunches around town. As her daughter’s health improves, Chloe continues to grow the business. “I love how often Vegware introduces new products to their range, and I always feel listened to when I feed back on my specific requirements,” Chloe says. “Being able to buy in small quantities has helped my business grow steadily and confidently as I try out different dishes and different ways of packaging them.”

Visit her website or follow her on Instagram for her tantalising food photography.

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