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New film! The Vegware Gourmet Range

Our Gourmet Range has had some exciting new additions recently: we’ve launched new clear PLA lids and new dipping bases. The mix & match range now features nine bases with three available lid styles for hot and cold food. What better way to show them all off than with this gorgeous new film?

The Gourmet Range is Vegware’s practical, eco solution for takeaway food. Easy to use, with excellent presentation for all food concepts, the range is also eco-friendly. All of our bases are made from bagasse (recycled sugarcane), with 99% less carbon than polystyrene. The three lid styles – bagasse, window and completely clear – are made from  plant-based materials. Like all of Vegware’s products, the whole range is completely compostable and designed to be recycled with food waste.

Get your samples at info@vegware.co.uk.

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