Plastic Free July

Vegware Plastic Free July week

Plastic Free July

Over the course of July many people have been sharing their thoughts and tips on how you can reduce your plastic use.  Across our Vegware office we’re encouraging staff this week to reduce and re-use plastic, rather than relying on single-use plastic. However, before we do this it’s important to explain why we’re doing this and why it’s essential that awareness around single-use plastic consumption is increased.

At Vegware we believe in compostable solutions to single-use plastic, that’s why you won’t find any plastic in any of our products. Why do we not believe in single-use plastics? Below are just a couple of reasons why –

Plastic items are designed to last forever, they break up, not down and therefore they contribute permanent pollution throughout our environment and in landfill. It’s estimated 8.3 billion tons of plastic has been manufactured since it was initially mass-produced in the 1950s. Only around 9% of this amount has been recycled which really raises an issue with the amount of single-use plastic products being produced.

One of the main issues that faces single-use plastic is that it’s not being disposed of correctly or it can’t be recycled which is causing long lasting waste.

Vegware believes in being part of a sustainable, circular economy and that’s part of the reason why our products are made from plants and not plastic. Throughout the week, we’ll be sharing our tips and the innovative ways our staff have been reducing their personal plastic consumption. Join in the fun, if you’ve been participating in Plastic Free July this month then send us examples of what you’ve been doing via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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