Zero waste week

Zero Waste Week 2017

Zero waste week

This week marks the 2017 Zero Waste Week in which businesses and individuals all over the globe are playing their role in reducing their waste.

At the moment it’s estimated the UK is throwing away £13bn of food away each year which over its lifetime has generated 19m tonnes of greenhouse gases. Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) concluded that preventing this pollution would have been the equivalent of taking 1 in 4 cars off the UK road. Alongside this only 1 in 400 coffee cups are being recycled properly in the UK which is only contributing the nation’s waste problem.

At Vegware, we’re committed to reducing waste. That’s why we make compostable packaging made from plant-based materials instead of those made from plastic. Our compostable packaging is designed to be recycled together with food waste and break down in industrial composting in under 12 weeks. We have over a decade of experience in delivering food and packaging waste recycling solutions. Our environmental team help foodservice providers close the loop and join the circular economy and provide step by step support along the way.

To further ensure our products are going to the right place we’ve also launched our Close the Loop Vegware collection service across Scotland’s central belt. Through our service, Vegware customers will be able to ensure their compostable packaging and food waste is being collected for composting. More info on our Close the Loop initiative can be found here.

Reducing your waste doesn’t just need to stop with disposing of your food waste and coffee cups properly. Have a read of the many innovative ways our staff managed to reduce their single plastic use during Plastic Free July. For more information on how you can get involved in Zero Waste Week, head over to their website. Another great way of getting involved is through sharing online how you’re reducing your waste this week through using the #ZeroWasteWeek hashtag.

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