Street food packaging

Sustainable street food packaging

Street food packaging

Who doesn’t love street food? Whether it be at a market, festival or event, few people can resist delving for delicious street food goodness.

Consumers love it because it’s authentic and they can be assured their food is being cooked and served safely, as this is often done in front of them. As more cuisines and food types travel, consumer tastes continue to develop and this is a demand street vendors recognise. You may think this demand only relates to food, however packaging is now an issue many people are taking note of.

Due to numerous high-profile campaigns in the news on environmentally focused issues, consumers are now also conscious of the environmental impact of the packaging they’re using. The spotlight is on items like coffee cups, plastic straws and polystyrene based takeaway boxes.

At Vegware, we’re committed to making our products from organic materials. We believe it’s better to use plant-based materials for our products rather than depleting oil-based finite resources. For example, the manufacturing of our coffee cups, lined with PLA, produces 72% less carbon than plastic.

Walking around music festivals and, most recently, the Edinburgh Fringe we’re always delighted to see the innovative ways our customers have been using our products to serve up their delicious treats. This is especially the case for our soup containers, we’ve seen them plated up with a variety of treats from mac and cheese, to ice cream, all the way to chicken wings. We’ve also seen our food cartons filled with falafel salads and audacious stir fries. For more substantial dishes like curries and burgers, our bagasse takeaway boxes provide a soggy-free base which often isn’t the case in polystyrene based alternatives.

Are you using our Vegware packaging for your event or food stall? Tag us on Instagram or use the hashtag #vegware and show us how creative you are.

Thinking about using Vegware for your food truck or stall? Contact us for samples or have a browse of our catalogue.

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