Edinburgh coffee festival

Closing the Loop at the Edinburgh Coffee Festival

Edinburgh coffee festival

This weekend, Saturday 14th October, we will be supporting the Edinburgh Coffee Festival as they look to host the UK’s first zero waste coffee festival. It’s no secret that recycling rates of conventional coffee cups in the UK is a huge waste problem, just this week it was reported only 1% of disposable coffee cups are recycled. It’s for this very reason that the festival has decided to use our Close the Loop waste collection service to ensure that all coffee cups used on the day are disposed of sustainably.

We’ll be at the Edinburgh Coffee Festival on the day to ensure all packaging is being put into the right bins and we’ll also be on hand to answer any questions traders and the public have. Our team has provided consultancy, signage and training, and all traders throughout the day will be using compostable cups, lids and assorted disposables. We’ll also be holding a workshop on the issues surrounding coffee cup recycling.

Close the Loop is a waste service which is flexible and competitively priced. Clients choose any collection day and have no contract ties. This new service now means that composting collections are available to businesses across Scotland, taking used Vegware and food waste for industrial composting into high-grade horticultural compost.

Edinburgh Coffee Festival organiser Martin Dare, said:

“We understand the challenges of recycling coffee cups, but it’s only through working with Vegware that we have found a solution to allow Edinburgh Coffee Festival to truly go zero waste. Cups are talked about the most, but making everything compostable keeps recycling simple. The measures we’re taking at the Festival are designed to demonstrate to a wider audience what compostables can achieve.”

The Edinburgh Coffee Festival is a celebration of Scotland’s vibrant coffee scene with a host of exhibitors, talks and demonstrations taking part across the day. Ticket information is available here.

Watch our Close the Loop video.

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