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Vegware and marine plastic pollution

A spotlight has been shone on the damage humans are causing to our oceans. The Vegware team shares the public’s sadness at the devastating extent of marine pollution. The pitfalls of plastics have been laid bare, and everyone is looking for solutions. Whilst Vegware’s plant-based disposables are designed to replace oil-based plastics in a foodservice setting, compostable packaging is not the solution to marine pollution. Here’s why.

In summary:

  • Compostable packaging is not expected to break down in a marine environment
  • All waste needs to be disposed of properly, and we wholeheartedly support any initiative that boosts recycling and reduces littering
  • Vegware provides a category-wide solution for zero waste in a foodservice environment with managed waste streams

Compostable packaging and the marine environment

Vegware’s plant-based catering disposables are designed to break down in under 12 weeks in commercial composting. We hold independent compostability certification and have conducted extensive trials in organics recycling facilities. Successful composting requires warmth, oxygen, microbes and moisture – perfect conditions which are created at industrial composting facilities and in on-site composting systems.

The marine environment however is very different, and does not provide the right conditions for compostable packaging to break down. Vegware is against littering in any environment, on land or at sea. We have not tested our products in the sea, and our products do not solve the issue of marine pollution.

At Vegware, we play a positive, active role encouraging zero waste. Our environmental team helps our clients capture used packaging and set up recycling schemes, diverting used Vegware and food waste to commercial composting. We have many zero waste regions around the UK, and in Scotland we have set up Close the Loop, our own composting collection service.

We are pleased that sustainability is at the forefront of public debate, and fully support efforts to protect the environment. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss any of these important issues.

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