National BBQ Week!

The 28th of May kicks off National BBQ Week in the UK. Also viewed as the unofficial start of the summer season, there’s an added bonus of it being a May Bank Holiday weekend.

Whether you’re barbecuing burgers or grilling halloumi, Vegware offers a variety of compostable catering disposables to suit your summertime events and parties.

Palm leaf tableware

Tableware made from Areca palm leaves which have fallen to the ground before being pressed into shape. Natural and free from chemicals, yet strong and sturdy. Super stylish too – each one is as unique as the leaves it’s made of.

Fast food

We’ve got the perfect packaging for the food you crave. Go for an outdoorsy rustic look by serving a side of chips in our kraft chip scoop or cone – they’re handy for portion control.

Bagasse takeaway boxes

Our compostable hinged takeaway boxes are made from recycled sugarcane. They come in a range of sizes and are great for hot and cold food as well as being sturdy and economic. And because bagasse is a natural material, hot food won’t sweat inside them.

As with all Vegware, these products are commercially compostable where accepted.

Happy National BBQ Week!

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