Celebrating British Sandwiches

The ultimate food to go, the sandwich is a British creation with the 4th Earl of Sandwich creating this culinary icon in the mid-1700’s.

Nearly three centuries later, our love for the sandwich continues. The UK consumer purchases 3.5 billion sandwiches a week, according to The British Sandwich Week & Food to Go Association.

The sandwich is clearly one food trend that is here to stay.

Whether you call it a sarnie, buttie, barm or bap, Vegware has the packaging you need for takeaway sandwiches with our new sandwich & wrap boxes.

New! Vegware sandwich & wrap boxes

The range has a unified look with matching brown kraft on the inside and out. It also features the Green Leaf band, a new design soon to be on many Vegware stock lines.

Easy-to-use closures make it simple to package, and access, the sandwich or wrap.

The clever structures use less board and less PLA without compromising on quality. The sustainable paperboard has a water-based grease-resistant lining, and the windows are plant-based PLA.

As with all Vegware, the products are commercially compostable where accepted.

The sandwich wedge with an eco edge

Available in three sizes – standard, deep fill, and triple – the widths for the three are 65, 75, and 85mm, respectively. A back-closure system gives them a neater profile when side by side.

Standard 65mm, deep fill 75mm, and triple 85mm kraft sandwich wedges

Compostable kraft cartons

The tortilla / wrap and bloomer sandwich kraft cartons are designed with crash-lock closures for secure and easy use.

Tortilla / wrap kraft carton

Bloomer sandwich kraft carton

Browse our other options for all your sandwich needs. From hot bags and wraps to sandwich platters, and everything in-between, Vegware offers all things for food on the go.


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