Vegware wins Sustainability Award at British Renewable Energy Awards

It was another great week at Vegware as we picked up the Sustainability Award at the 2018 British Renewable Energy Awards.

Taking place at The Savoy in London, Kate from our Environmental team represented Vegware.

The award recognised Vegware for our product innovations, environmental expertise and sustainable services over the last year. Vegware also consistently meets the circular economy’s three principles.

1 – Design out waste and pollution 

Vegware products are designed with recycling in mind. They’re compostable in finished form and designed to be recycled with food waste.

2 – Keep products and materials in use

Recycling used Vegware captures post-consumer food waste that would otherwise be lost from the system. The products are recycled within the UK (not exported) so the end product created – high quality compost – stays within the UK.

3 – Regenerate natural systems

The compost which is created from recycling food waste and used Vegware is used to return nutrients to the soil.

Here’s a few highlights that attributed to the win.

Product innovations

In 2018 we’re rolling out our Green Leaf band design throughout our stock lines. The design is a stylised leaf pattern to promote your eco ethos. For clients who can compost, the Green Leaf band is a clear visual cue that provides clarity and reduces bin contamination.

Environmental expertise

Our Environmental team offers zero waste support every step of the way for Vegware customers. Their unprecedented engagement with the waste industry allows them to work with waste hauliers to help compostable packaging and food waste be collected for composting.

Sustainable services

Last year we launched our very own composting collection service, Close the Loop. The service collects used Vegware and food waste across Scotland’s Central Belt and Bristol. Benefits of the service include:

  • Flexible, with no contract tie-ins
  • Competitively priced
  • You choose your collection days
  • Option to rearrange at short notice
  • Provides a new clean bin with every collection

Interested in learning more? Get in touch with our Environmental team on

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