Dynamic Earth: Edinburgh’s 5-star visitor attraction embraces cosmic composting

Educational hub Dynamic Earth uses compostable Vegware packaging in their Food Chain Café, staff canteen and corporate events to achieve their sustainability goals. Using these plant-based disposables contributed to securing their gold award status for Green Tourism. Read the full case study here.

Leading the (milky) way 

Within their first 5 months, Dynamic Earth recycled 1.38 tonnes of  compostables  using Vegware’s Close the Loop composting service – that’s the equivalent of over 106,000 8oz double wall cups. In under 12 weeks, it turns into nutrient-rich compost for Scottish farmers’ fields. 

Fit into the food chain 

They use Vegware’s custom print service to brand their double wall hot cups – with each cup size designed to represent a permanent exhibition on volcanoes, the rainforest and outer space.  

Susan Paton, Café Manager, Dynamic Earth’s Food Chain Café, says: 

“I was keen on Vegware from the start. The plant-based products were presented as a practical solution: the wide and versatile product range could support Dynamic Earth for the long-term.”  

Eco education for all 

Our environmental experts helped them adopt the new waste system and provided posters and bin signage to educate their staff and 200,000 annual visitors. 

Want to get composting? Our Environmental team can consult on how your foodservice operations can go zero waste to help your business meet its sustainability goals. Get in touch here! 

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