5 awesome facts about compost

We’re celebrating #CompostWeekUK, by sharing 5 awesome facts about compost you might not know. Here are wonderful things compost can do:

01. Sequester Carbon

When compost is applied, it increases soil health, as microbes grow and become more plentiful. Using compost is an effective way to sequester carbon, storing it in the soil instead of releasing it into the air.

02. Improves soil structure

Compost increases the organic matter in the soil. Studies have shown this improves maximum yield potential & workability and provides better crop establishment.

03. Reduces flood risk

Compost, with its high organic content, can absorb up to four times its weight in water. It can replace essential organic material in wetlands.

04. Doesn’t rely on export

Officially defined as a form of recycling, composting keeps resources in your region without relying on export. It turns waste into useful resources, helping businesses reduce their environmental impact and join the circular economy.

05. Creates jobs

Composting diversifies waste, creating business opportunities for the waste sector – especially in rural areas – and nutrient-rich compost for farmers’ fields, helping to grow plants and crops for consumers.

Want to know about composting your used Vegware? Learn more here or contact our Environmental team today!