Say hello to Nourish moulded fibre!

We are excited to introduce our new Nourish moulded fibre range. Takeaway boxes and tableware that are certified for industrial and home composting.

What is there to shout out? Well…

The natural look

The range’s natural oatmeal colour fits with the market trend for soft brown aesthetics in foodservice packaging. This range is available in natural colour now, with white moulded fibre to follow later this year.

‘Moulded fibre’ vs ‘bagasse’

You’ll find these certified compostable products under the category called ‘moulded fibre’, so it’s easy to tell them apart from the existing products named ‘bagasse’

Certified for home & industrial composting

Vegware’s innovative new moulded fibre range (certified for home and industrial composting) demonstrates our commitment to being ahead of developments in our sector. Just ask if you need any further details about the products or composting options.

There’s more where that came from…

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