Composting with City of York Council

City of York Council started working with and composting their Vegware back in 2019. It has a partnership that has stood the test of time, as well as a global pandemic. Having successfully navigated these challenges, and with the council building back operating at full capacity, we went to visit to find out how they have made their Vegware composting collections a success.

Simon Copper, Service Manager at Cafe West in the City of York Council building

What we find a lot of time is you think something is recyclable and then you get so far down the line and find that it’s actually not or it has to be recycled in a very specific way which just isn’t available

Simon Copper, Service Manager, Café West

The full process

From switching to Vegware and setting up the collections, to arranging bin signage and training, Vegware’s Environmental team were there to support at every step of the way.

“I think composting Vegware on site is a fantastic message to share with your customers. It shows that you’re really thinking about what you’re doing with your waste. It’s often the case that by diverting Vegware to composting is going to clean up your dry mixed recycling streams. It makes everyone think about what to do with their waste. And it’s also going to vastly reduce the amount of general waste that you’re producing on site, which can only be a good thing.“

David Dyce, Senior Waste Management Consultant, Vegware

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Want to compost like City of York Council? Our Environmental team have been forging links with the Waste sector for over a decade. They can help you find circular solutions for your used Vegware and food waste. Click the button below to get composting.

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