Our Bon Appetit bowls won the Sustainable Food Awards!

We’re delighted to have picked up the Sustainable Packaging award at the 2019 Sustainable Food Awards.

Winner – Sustainable Packaging

Our EU Sales Executive, Julia Bocsa, went to the Radisson Blu Hotel Amsterdam to collect the award. Our Bon Appetit bowls were recognised for their:

Renewable materials

Our Bon Appetit are made from sustainably-sourced board lined with plant-based PLA made by NatureWorks. Their material is derived by corn, where the entire plant is harvested and used.


The bowls and lids carry Vegware’s Green Leaf band pattern – making them clearly identifiable as compostable products to customers and waste collectors.

Lower environmental impact

Our plant-based products are designed to fit into a circular economy and our full-time Environmental team work with the waste sector to expand routes to commercial composting.

Food/beverage usage

Our Bon Appetit bowls and lids embrace the bowl food trend, offering diners a panoramic view – 7.3 inches – of their meal. The vented lids are great for managing hot food and are easy to place, making it practical for busy staff. We’re thrilled to have been recognised for this award, and we look forward to another year working in the sustainable food industry.

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