US Customer Spotlight: Airports Going Green

Teamwork makes the green work! 

Vegware helped Airports Going Green divert 634lbs of food scraps and used Vegware from landfill to create 159lbs of compost for Georgia farmers’ fields.   

The annual AGG conference brings together hundreds of aviation leaders, experts, and innovators from around the world to exchange sustainability knowledge. In its 11th year, the 2018 AGG was held at the Omni Hotel – CNN Center and hosted by Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE). 

Working with partners – for composting, food donation and waste, and recycling & sustainability – CompostNow, Goodr and Rubicon – Vegware’s Zero Waste Director, Julia Wetsein, prepared a full zero waste plan to help conference hosts meet their sustainability goal: Divert food scraps, unused food safe for human consumption, and used Vegware disposables away from landfill and to places where it can best help the local community while contributing to its circular economy. 

Clear consumer-friendly bin signage ensured that Vegware  compostable catering disposables were placed in the designated bin, while back of house, full engagement from the Vegware-trained catering staff saw food scraps placed in the food waste recycling bins. The bins were collected by CompostNow, and taken to a local facility for composting, creating nutrient-rich soil. Additionally, the equivalent of 163 plates of unused food still safe for human consumption was delivered to food shelters and soup kitchens by Goodr using donated Vegware containers.  

Kitchen staff and servers did a wonderful job, while Greening ATL team – Atlanta airport’s sustainability team – took a hands-on approach which kept everyone motivated to succeed.  Vegware’s zero waste plan allowed all teams to work together for a sustainable AGG conference. Read more here