Creating a circular economy through compostables

Vegware welcomes news that UK MPs and academics are calling out for ambitious compostable packaging targets in the upcoming Environment Bill. 

The recent open letter to The Guardian, signed by experts in the field, calls out that, “compostable packaging must play an integral role if we are to create a true circular economy and meet our commitments on plastic packaging.” 

Only 4% of the 400,000 tonnes of film and flexible plastic packaging used in the UK per year is recycled, due to issues around processing and food contamination. 

Compostable packaging is the full solution, and Vegware’s plant-based compostable packaging is designed to be commercially composted with food waste where accepted.  With compostables, food contamination isn’t a challenge to overcome, but rather a vital ingredient for composting. Used Vegware and food waste turns into nutrient-rich compost for local soils, keeping this valuable product in the UK. Plastic recycling is shipped overseas with no guarantee of being recycled.   

The targets suggest that by 2023 the UK may have the capacity for nationwide collection of compostable packaging along with organic waste. These plans follow in the wake of France and Italy who have already adopted compostable packaging. 

Vegware looks forward to supporting more customers in their switch to plant-based compostable packaging.