Put a lid on it!

Vegware Hot cups, Cold cups, Bella pots, and Soup containers all come in a wide range of sizes. We have a variety of plant-based lid options for these products to help you meet your sustainability goals.

To match your Vegware packaging to the right size lid, use the Vegware Series number found in the product name. For example, an 89-Series hot cup fits an 89-Series lid. The number 89 refers to the diameter at the top of the cup and the width of the lid.

Our Lid size guides help you choose the right lid for your Vegware packaging:

Hot cups
Our hot cup lids come in white and black – view our Hot cup & lid size guide.

Cold cups and Bella pots
Vegware cold cup lids are clear for visibility, with options for flat and domed, and straw hole or no hole.

Our 96-Series cold cup lids and 3oz inserts help turn both our 96-Series cold cups and Bella pots into transportable snack combos for food on the go. View our Cold cup & Bella pot lid size guide.

Soup containers
Vegware soup containers can be used for both hot and cold food – from soups and stews to cold pasta salads and ice cream.

Our soup container lids come in options for hot or cold foods – each lid is identified as either ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ in the product name. They also come in flat or domed options. Use our Soup container & lid size guide to match your container to the right sized lid.

We hope you enjoy our sustainable selection to help you put a lid on it for your food & drink Vegware packaging!