Sack the sachet for plant-based sauce pots

Anti-Plastics campaigners A Plastic Planet wrote an open letter to the UK Government about single-use sachets. Single-use sachets are not included in either the UK’s Environment bill or the European Union’s single-use plastic directive. 

In their latest campaign, “Sack the Sachet,” they share that:

  • We use 855 billion sachets every year globally, for everything from condiments to shampoo.
  • That’s enough to cover the entire surface of the Earth.
  • If you put a year’s worth of single-use sachets end-to-end, they would reach the moon 189 times.

These sachets are often unrecyclable, due to the mix of materials – like food and plastics. So, they almost always go straight to a landfill. Many Vegware clients opt for sauce pumps and plant-based pots, to remove these plastic sachets from their business. Our portion pots minimise food waste by offering volume control. And, after use, both the sauce residue and pot can be commercially composted together, where accepted.

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