Live talk this Thursday: compostables in Europe’s circular economy

Vegware Lucy Frankel

On Thursday 17th December, our Environmental and Communications Director Lucy Frankel gave an in-depth talk for the Portuguese Plastics Pact.

You can watch this recording – for a copy of the slides please email

Lucy offers insights into the successes, opportunities and challenges for compostable packaging within a variety of waste systems around Europe. Presented in English for wider European and global audience, the webinar is hosted by Associação Smart Waste Portugal, who coordinate the Portuguese Plastics Pact.    

The Portuguese Plastics Pact invited us to deliver a 45-minute webinar to its members as part of Upstream Innovation Week, entitled ‘Material Circulation – Bioplastic Composting’.  

As Europe looks forward to 2024’s mandatory biowaste collections for all businesses and households under the Biowaste Directive, countries are reviewing options and investing in infrastructure. Lucy shares the big picture of bio-based compostable disposables. Her talk explores policy and practice from Italy and the UK. It shares how bio-based compostable disposables can play their part in Europe’s sustainability goals.

As well as encouraging wider reuse, Portugal has chosen to exempt bio-based and compostable disposables from their Single Use Plastics laws coming in in 2021. Bags for fruit, vegetables and fresh produce will also need to be either compostable or reusable. How can Portugal make the most of this opportunity to deliver a more circular economy?  

Find out more – watch here.

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