Case study: Luxury and sustainability at Parklane Resort & Spa

Parklane, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa in Cyprus, has teamed up with local packaging experts Dynamec and Vegware to boost sustainability.

The aim: reduce or eliminate single-use plastics

Parklane Resort is located in eastern Limassol with endless views of the Mediterranean Sea, and more than 100 aces of beautifully landscaped gardens surround the hotel.

The resort is built on the seafront and consists of 222 luxury rooms and 52 suites. Guests can choose from a range of restaurants and bars on the premises. Because sustainability is as important to Parklane as luxury, the resort regularly evaluates their range of care products and amenities. Their aim is to find sustainable products that meet stringent requirements without compromising the experience of their guests.

Therefore, reducing or eliminating disposable plastics in the hotel’s food and beverage department is vital.

A sustainable solution with Dynamec and Vegware

The hotel worked with local packaging company Dynamec to identity Vegware as a suitable supplier of eco-friendly catering disposables. As a result, Parklane now uses a range of Vegware products to provide delicious drinks and meals to their discerning guests.

“We work with this company because their values align with our environmental and sustainability policy. Vegware has a complete range of environmentally friendly food and service products. In addition, their products combine imagination, creativity, and appeal, while ensuring compliance with strict health and safety standards.”

Ifigenia Michael, Health & Quality Manager, Parklane

Dynamec distributes Vegware across Cyprus and is proud to be part of the movement towards a more sustainable community. Alexandros Gavrielides, Dynamec CEO, explains that the resort – like most of his customers – sees the value of a high quality, sustainable product.

“Parklane wants to be more sustainable, so as the local Vegware supplier, we’ve been delighted to support them through this transition to Vegware. It’s been wonderful to see the positive results they have achieved”, says Alexandros.

Alexandros Gavrielides, Dynamec CEO