Do you want to be super sustainable? Make these 3 crucial changes

3 eco changes 

What will you change this International Compost Awareness Week? For an easy, high impact eco change, look at your foodservice packaging. 

01. Reduce single-use plastics | Or eliminate where possible 

Standard foodservice packaging with bits of food and drink left on it is difficult to recycle. The result? Often food contaminated plastic packaging ends up in general waste, for landfill or incineration.  

02. Use compostable food packaging | Switch to Vegware 

For disposables destined for serving food, it makes sense to use materials that can be recycled together with food. With compostable Vegware disposables, food isn’t contamination, it’s a vital ingredient in the composting process. 

Even where there is no access to industrial composting facilities, the sustainability benefits of using plant-based packaging still apply no matter what happens to them after use. 

03. Get composting | Including food scraps and Vegware 

Our Environmental team can suggest composting options in your region, from on-site composting to working with your local waste sector. From global companies to independent coffee shops, schools and colleges to healthcare, we’re here to help.

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