New paper lids for hot cups! With innovative pull-back tab

Introducing our pull-back tab paper lids! They’re perfect for sipping hot drinks on the go. One innovative new design, available in two sizes.


Share your commitment with sustainability! Our crisp white lids have subtle on-product eco messaging and the Vegware Green Leaf pattern. In addition, they are made from sustainably-sourced paper, using bio-based, moisture-resistant BioPBS lining.  

What is BioPBS?

BioPBS is a compostable bioplastic, derived from natural materials. It is made from sugarcane, cassava and corn.  

Practical & Innovative

The pull-back tab covers the sip hole. So, they’re perfect for takeaway teas, coffees and other hot drinks to go.

They are available in two sizes. The lids fit all Vegware’s 79 & 89-Series sustainable paper hot cups. Pair with our double wall kraft or embossed cups. Or choose Green Tree, Gallery Collection and kraft & white single wall designs. Then, use our Series numbers to match your cup to lid.

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