New composting route in Cambridgeshire!

We’ve launched a new composting collection service for our customers in Cambridgeshire. We’ve partnered with waste management company Countrystyle Recycling as they expand into Cambridgeshire. This new service will help our clients meet their circular economy goals. 

A composting solution for businesses  

The new service offers a composting solution for used Vegware and food waste.

Countrystyle now collects Vegware with food waste in 28 postcode districts – in Cambridge, Ely, Peterborough, Newmarket, Huntingdonshire and Fenland. To be exact, that’s CB1-9 & CB21-25; PE1-8, PE15-16 & PE26-29. With a population of nearly 800k, we’re excited to bring a new sustainable solution to Cambridgeshire’s caterers.

How does it work?  

Education, communication and teamwork are key.  

Firstly, Vegware’s Environmental team work with clients to set up suitable waste streams. For example, bins for used Vegware and food waste, general waste and mixed recycling. We educate staff and diners about the change to their on-site waste services. Also, we explain the new composting process. We want the best bin practice, people putting the correct waste in each bin.  

Next, Countrystyle Recycling collects the used Vegware and food waste. Then, they put the compostables through a quality control process, to minimise contamination.  

They take the quality waste to Envar in-vessel composting facility. Finally, the compostables turn into nutrient-rich soil improver for local use.  

Expanding our clients’ access to composting 

Currently, in the UK, trade composting collections are available for Vegware packaging in 55 of the UK’s largest towns and cities, covering 71% of the UK’s urban population. With our new Cambridgeshire service, we’re expanding access even further 

“Foodservice wants hygiene and sustainability,” says Eilidh Brunton, our Senior Waste Management Consultant. 

“Disposables are great for socially distanced catering. But, diners want practical environmental solutions. Vegware’s unique client engagement minimises contamination in the compostables bins. Our partnership with Countrystyle is a beneficial and practical waste solution. It’s ideal for all foodservice businesses in Cambridgeshire using disposables.”  

Why is composting important? 

Compost is used in agriculture, horticulture, and landscaping to nourish soil and improve its structure to help grow healthy plants. It sequesters carbon and can also help reduce the risk of floods – UK soils are in crisis, and former Environment Secretary, Michael Gove, has warned that British farms are 30 to 40 years away from “the fundamental eradication of soil fertility”. Read more about why soil matters.  

Are you a Cambridgeshire business looking to get composting? Get in touch!