New! Microflute boxes for hot food to go

Introducing our new microflute boxes for hot or cold food to go. Ideal for takeaway or delivery, these versatile fluted boxes are ideal for burgers, curries, salads, fried treats and so much more. Why not try them in your hot cabinet?

Here’s our new range:

Hinged lid boxes6 x 5in microflute hinged hot box
8 x 5in microflute hinged hot box
Clamshell containers5in microflute burger box – coming very soon, register your interest!
Vegware microflute hot box carton container disposable eco fluted corrugate compostable food

What’s microflute?  

No, it’s not made of tiny little flutes.

In fact, it’s made from layered board which is ‘fluted’ or corrugated inside. The result is lots of pockets of air, giving fantastic insulation.

This means great news for your hot food delivery service.  

Suitable for hot cabinets

We went further in helping streamline your food service – these hinged lid boxes are suitable for hot cabinets. Keep your food warm and delight your hungry customers. Lovely.

Services can be busy, stressful periods. You need equipment you can rely on. Our new fluted takeaway boxes are robust yet lightweight. Giving you time to focus on the important stuff.

Compact for easy takeaway

Focusing on your customers’ experience, we designed the microflute boxes to withstand the rigours of takeaway transit.  

We’ve also made the boxes with a compact footprint. To save you storage space, and of course, to help it fit easily in your customers’ hands. 

Perforated lids

We’ve even solved the chips conundrum. Picture it, your customers are sharing a portion of fries. One likes mayo and the other likes ketchup. No need to fight!

Our microflute box lids are perforated – so your customers can tear the lid off and create their own artist’s palette of condiments. Mayo on one half, ketchup on the other.

Elegant, practical & sustainable  

These kraft boxes have a compostable water-based coating. The result is an elegant, deli-chic takeaway box, perfectly suited to your needs. So, what will you be serving up? 

And since it’s by Vegware, it’s made from plant-based materials and commercially compostable where accepted. Keen to compost? Discover the many regions with trade waste collections taking our packaging to composting.

Get your new microflute boxes for hot food today!   

Any questions? Get in touch! 

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