Vegware’s ‘Positive Impact’ in Growing Business Awards

What a month… Vegware’s ‘Positive Impact’ has us shortlisted for the Growing Business Awards – apt given that Positive Impact is one of our company goals. 

So how do we try to create a positive impact? Well since you asked… 


  • Say hello to Nourish moulded fibre!

    We started in 2006, out to show the world how plant-based materials make brilliant, stylish, practical and sustainable packaging.

  • Vegware’s festival-ready products 

    We started in 2006, out to show the world how plant-based materials make brilliant, stylish, practical and sustainable packaging.

To us, composting was (and still is!) a practical solution to zero waste in foodservice. We have grown rapidly. Our brand is synonymous with sustainable catering disposables. And we are as passionate about our cause as ever. 

Our Community Fund 

Way back in 2009, as a ‘micro’ sized business, we started the Vegware Community Fund to support sustainable community projects. We love giving monthly grants and regular donations of eco packaging to support grassroots initiatives.  

Then in 2020, we expanded our donations to include people in foodservice who were feeding key workers and people in need. Great examples include the Foundry in Leeds, who cooked 300 roast dinners for NHS staff, and Higham Help who delivered care packages to the elderly.  

Vegware Community Fund donation packaging eco biodegradable
Matt Healy & The Foundry serving roast dinners to NHS key workers in donated Vegware boxes
East Lothian Foodbank pleased with the Vegware Community Fund’s donated containers

Composting Vegware – now for 70% of the UK

Not even a global pandemic could stop our composting campaign. 

Businesses in any of the UK’s 56 biggest towns can use a trade waste collection for Vegware. That covers over 70% of the urban population. 

Vegware biobag compostable bin liner composting organics waste ‘Positive Impact’ in Growing Business Awards

Since 2017 we have run our own composting collection service, Close the Loop.

We collect our clients’ used Vegware – in Glasgow, Edinburgh and all over Central Belt Scotland. Turning the waste we collect into the good stuff – high-grade compost. 

A plant’s gotta eat!

2021 saw us partner with Countryside Recycling in Cambridgeshire and work ever closer with Paper Round to provide services in London and Brighton. Those are just a couple of our many waste partnerships.

We’ve even got a UK-wide courier partnership with FirstMile’s RecyleBoxso you can compost a boxful of Vegware from anywhere. 

Continually growing 

We’ve only just started. In 2020, Vegware were Scotland’s fourth fastest-growing private company. In 2021, we are Scotland’s fastest growing exporter. We’ve been busy!

So there you have it.  We’re so pleased that Vegware’s ‘Positive Impact’ has us shortlisted for Growing Business Awards. We’re experiencing massive growth and driving sustainability. If we don’t brag about our work, who will? 

Find out more about what we do here

Vegware CountryStyle packaging waste recycling compostable biodegradable cup ‘Positive Impact’ in Growing Business Awards