Scotland’s plastics bans from June 2022 – how Vegware can help

Wondering about Scotland’s plastics bans from June 2022? The Scottish Government has published draft guidance on their Environmental Protection Regulations 2021.

Confused? Don’t be. Here’s our hot take on how Vegware can help Scotland’s food businesses meet the new rules.

Scotland is introducing most of the same bans as the much of Europe. So here’s the lowdown…

Banned in Scotland
from June 2022
Vegware’s compliant alternatives
Polystyrene foam containers Bagasse takeaway boxes, our Gourmet range, or our new microflute boxes
Polystyrene cupsOur wide range of hot cups – double or single wall
Plastic platesBagasse tableware
Plastic cutlery We are still able to supply CPLA or PLA cutlery in Scotland
Or try our quality wooden cutlery
Plastic stirrersOur wooden stirrers made from sustainably-sourced birch wood
Plastic straws
(including PLA & ecovio straws)
Our wide range of paper straws
(Plastic straws will only be allowed for people with medical or care needs)

Vegware’s compliant alternatives

Our Environmental & Communications Director, Lucy Frankel, was interviewed by STV for Scotland’s news at 6pm. She spoke about the changes coming in for Scottish businesses, and the future-proof alternatives Vegware already offer.

Many food businesses rely on disposables. And for those businesses, we want to ensure that there are sustainable options available.

As well as being made from plant-based materials, everything we make is designed for commercial composting after use.

We even run our own waste collection service, called Close the Loop. We collect used Vegware from our clients all over Central Belt Scotland (Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee and St Andrews), before taking it for composting.

Environmental & Communications Director, Lucy Frankel, speaking to STV about the new rules for Scotland

What’s banned & what’s not