Food trends for 2022

We like to think of ourselves as perennial trend-setters. So, we are here to reveal the food trends for 2022. Some trends are as certain as the New Year’s commitment to the gym. Others – less so. Whatever the case, we are here to help you keep up. 

Breakfast gets a glow up 

Here is a trend we can get on board with! Less commuting means more breakfast-ing. We suppose, given the choice, pastries and coffee at home sounds much better than squeezing onto a commuter train. Who would’ve thought? 

In fact, during the first lockdown, one survey found that Brits ate eggs for breakfast 68% more times than in the previous year, while bacon sales were up 21% and pastries were up 25%, according to the Waitrose Food & Drink Report. Why not celebrate making it to Friday with a little (or large) breakfast spread? 

Breakfast is increasing in popularity and the trend is due to continue. It takes first mention in Vegware's food trends for 2022.

Potato… milk? 

No, vodka isn’t undergoing a rebrand. Innovative brand DUG has caught our eye with their potato-based milk alternative. Lauded for its sustainability credentials and its creamy flavour, we can see summer 2022 being the summer of iced potato lattes. We never thought we would be typing those words. 

Potato milk is increasing in popularity and is included in Vegware's food trends for 2022.

Eat like an Olympian 

A lack of international travel has meant people have been seeking the exotic in their food. Japanese food is one cuisine that has flourished during the pandemic. The Tokyo Olympics sparked a particular interest in Japanese flavours as people experienced the games from home.  

Compared to 2019, sushi sales were up 54% whilst DIY sushi enthusiasts came out of the woodwork. Sushi mats were up 57% and nori sales up 56% compared to the same period last year. 

Sushi is of the UK's key food trends for 2022.


You can park your processed meat alternatives to the side, mushrooms are back! Truth be told, mushrooms never really went anywhere but they are becoming increasingly prominent as a meat alternative. Mushroom powder is even being added to dishes for a punchier flavour. Why not give it a go and chuck some chanterelles into your pan? 


Little surprise here going off the above. Rounding up our food trends for 2022 is a greater demand for meat and dairy alternatives. According to online food platform, ShelfNow, sales of vegetarian food products increased by 156% between 2020 and ‘21. Vegan product sales also rose by 150%!  

In Whole Foods Market’s latest Trends Council report, ‘reducetarianism’ was dubbed a top trend to watch for 2022. Great news for those looking to tone down their carnivorous tendencies but not ready to give up meat entirely. One thing is for sure, plants can do lots of great stuff. Trust us, we should know! 

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