12th August Scottish ban on plastic cutlery – including CPLA and PLA 

Here’s an important update for Scotland – please read this carefully and share with all your foodservice packaging friends.  

The key info for Vegware’s Scotland clients 

Scotland has until 12th August to use up any CPLA or PLA cutlery or straws. It’s our understanding that after 12th August, these items can’t be sold or given away in Scotland, or transported out of Scotland.    

The Regulations make it an offence for a person who, in the course of a business, supplies, offers to supply, or has in their possession for supply any of these products: 

Items banned in Scotland from 12th August 2022 Vegware alternatives 
Single-use expanded polystyrene beverage containers. Single-use expanded polystyrene beverage cups. We have plenty of cups, for hot or cold drinks. Check out our double or single wall hot cups for teas and coffees, or your choice of paper or PLA cold cups.  
Single-use expanded polystyrene food containers. We have all sorts – Our bagasse takeaway clamshells, microflute boxes and trays or our Bon Appetit bowls
Single-use plastic beverage stirrers Wooden stirrers 
Single-use plastic cutlery (including Vegware’s CPLA and PLA cutlery) Wooden cutlery 
Single-use plastic plates Bagasse tableware or if it’s a wedding or posh party, a look at our palm leaf plates 
Single-use plastic balloon stick (unless supplied for attaching to balloons for industrial or other professional uses and applications that are only distributed to persons acting in the course of a business) Sorry, balloon sticks ain’t our (party) bag… 
Sngle-use plastic straw (if supplying to an end-user, subject to exemptions) Our paper straws are excellent quality 

“Supply” is defined as “supply, whether by sale or not” so supply in the course of a business would include businesses making donations or gifts of items, whether the business donates or gifts to organisations in Scotland or in other countries.  

Vegware's microflute boxes and trays
Vegware’s wooden cutlery and microflute boxes and trays are some of the alternatives available.

Internal Market Act – updated  

The Regulations came into force in Scotland on 1 June 2022. But until now, the Internal Market Act meant that businesses in Scotland have been able to supply banned items that originated from the rest of the UK, giving caterers and distributors a little more time to switch to alternatives.  

Now the UK Government has added an exclusion to the Internal Market Act for these plastics rules. That means the Regulations will be fully effective in force in Scotland from 12 August 2022.  

Here are the details of the legislation itself

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