Close the Loop has had a glow-up!

Our composting service Close the Loop has had a glow-up. Originally, Close the Loop was our own Vegware composting collections for Central Belt Scotland. Now, it encompasses our collections and composting partnerships right across the UK. We have rebranded the service so you will start seeing our new look on our website and social channels.

What is Close the Loop?

Close the Loop began life as Vegware’s own trade waste collection service, taking used Vegware packaging and food scraps for commercial composting in Scotland. Once collected, the catering waste was turned into high-grade compost and used to feed future crops in Scotland.

Our Environmental team have spent over a decade building partnerships within the waste industry. With composting collections in over 40 of the UK’s largest towns and cities, there has never been an easier time to compost your Vegware. Our Waste Management Consultants work with waste collectors to provide training and education on how compost your waste effectively. In addition to trade waste collections across the UK, we can also offer post-back services. Now, Close the Loop encompasses all the services our Environmental team provide.

No site is too big or too small for us to explore the possibilities. And we encourage customers who compost to offer bring-back schemes so you can capture used Vegware takeaways for composting.

Food waste and Vegware packaging bin

Don’t take it from us

“It was actually much quicker and had more impact than we initially thought. Working with Vegware has provided a great solution to the issue”

Ciaran Hogg, General Manager of Catering, Company of Cooks

“By introducing compostable packaging we’re not only reducing the amount that goes to landfill, but the waste that is left over can be used for composting in under twelve weeks.”

Tam Cunningham, Estates Manager, Fife College

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