Composting Vegware with PIMCO

How it started

PIMCO are a global investment management company with offices on Baker Street in London. Recorra had been working with them for several years, providing total waste management services as part of the Baker Street Quarter Partnership.   

Recorra’s partnership with Vegware began in May 2020, following a 12-month pilot. This collaboration meant that businesses in London and the Southeast could compost their used Vegware and food waste. PIMCO were one of the first businesses to adopt the new collection. 

Getting composting

With space at a premium, the PIMCO HQ only had room for small kitchenettes with limited storage. This meant that they were unable to use reusable crockery and had to go with disposables. Food contamination meant that the disposables used were often unable to be recycled and therefore ended up in general waste. 

Thankfully, Vegware and Recorra had a solution and PIMCO found that they could buy their Vegware from an unlikely source – their stationery supplier! Vegware’s Environmental team provided PIMCO with bin signage and training to ensure that staff knew the waste streams and the processes. 

Composting Vegware is a perfect option for offices unable to use crockery.
Vegware’s compostables are a perfect solution for PIMCO’s catering facilities.

How it’s going

‘Once we were able to join the scheme and create the right waste pattern for the people to follow, making it easy for all to sort their waste properly, the response was exceedingly positive. I think it’s an easy thing to institute and brings a real sense of satisfaction to the end user.’ 

Greg Gibbons, Vice President, Facilities and Voice Administration, EMEA  

PIMCO have been successfully composting their Vegware and food waste ever since. Fast forward to 2023, PIMCO are one of the sites being used by Compostable Coalition UK in their behaviour change studies. 

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