Launching ‘Make the Switch’

We recently conducted a survey to find out if businesses were ready for the UK plastics bans. The results showed that the majority were unprepared and lacking awareness of the ban’s implications.

In response, we are launching ‘Make the Switch’. The campaign is aimed at educating businesses and the public about the bans and promoting the transition from plastic to alternative materials.

Key findings from the survey

The survey revealed that 52% of respondents were unprepared for the bans.  Additionally, an overwhelming 73% had little to no understanding of how the bans differed across the UK. These findings highlight the urgent need for comprehensive awareness and education regarding the bans.

Learn more about ‘Make the Switch

The campaign is designed to address the knowledge gaps and drive positive change. We have a specific campaign landing page which will host all the resources you need to understand the UK plastics bans.

Click here to go to the ‘Make the Switch’ landing page

One of the campaign’s highlights is an upcoming webinar scheduled for Wednesday, June 21st at 3pm. Hosted by Vegware’s Environmental & Communications Director, Lucy Frankel.

It will cover the following:

  • What is banned where – the differences around the UK
  • Interview with The Bay Fish & Chips’ owner, Calum Richardson 
  • Alternatives for takeaway food businesses
  • Why comply – carrots & sticks
The Make the Switch webinar is aimed at helping businesses understand and comply with the incoming plastics bans in the UK.

‘Make the Switch’ serves as a call to action for businesses to get ready for the bans. By participating in the webinar and engaging with the campaign’s resources, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of the bans and learn from successful transitions like that of The Bay Fish & Chips.

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