New! Moulded fibre lids!

Say hello to our new moulded fibre lids. Made from reclaimed plant fibre. They are perfect for sipping hot drinks on the go. 

Pair with our sustainable paper hot cups, lined with plant-based PLA. They’re available in two sizes, use the series number to match your lid to cup. 

Key points

  • 79-Series & 89-Series size available
  • Sturdy with a secure fit
  • Commercially compostable where accepted
Vegware's brand-new moulded fibre lids.

Close the Loop with Vegware 

The best bit? As with all of our products, our moulded fibre lids are compostable where facilities exist. Do you want to compost your Vegware? Speak to our Environmental team! Our Waste Management Consultations can provide our customers with free consultations and assistance in setting up composting collections in their area.  


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