We’re B Corp certified! 

We are now a B Corp certified business! The certification marks the end of a two-year process and is the reward for the Vegware team’s hard work. Positive impact has always been at the forefront of our motivations – in fact, it is one of our company goals. Whether that’s through our Community Fund, in helping customers compost, or any other facet of our business, we have always been about more than profit. We’re delighted to now have that independently verified by the team at B Lab. 

People tidying woodland in Edinburgh
We offer paid leave for volunteering opportunities

What does B Corp mean? 

Receiving B Corp certification means that we do business the right way. It is a globally recognised seal of approval for companies that seek to do good – for people and the planet. As a business, we are always looking at ways we can improve. B Corp certification is no exception. In receiving certification, we received a score of 82.6. We will be looking to improve on this in the reapplication process in three years’ time. 

What does it mean for Vegware? 

As a business that seeks to do the right thing – prioritising positive impact over profit – this certification recognises these efforts. 

To us, being a certified B Corp organisation means we care about our:

  • People and our suppliers  
  • Customers 
  • Environment 
  • Community


Certified B Corporation logo on an illustrated Vegware background

How did we achieve it? 

In addition to having the deepest set of compostability certification on the market, we also hold ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 accreditations for quality and environmental management respectively. This means that our environmental impact is regularly being measured and improved upon, and our products and services regularly meet customer and regulatory requirements.   

Most of our managers have social or environmental mission-related responsibilities or expectations in their job descriptions. We work with policymakers to develop or advocate for policy changes explicitly designed to improve social or environmental outcomes. 

Our composting service, Close the Loop has helped many sites compost their food waste and used Vegware. We supporting sustainability in its widest sense through our Community Fund. We supported 180 different projects last year, from wildlife conservation projects to centres for children with disabilities. These commitments were instrumental in us obtaining B Corp certification. 

Man putting a Vegware cup in a compostables bin. Vegware's Environmental team can help businesses compost their used Vegware with food waste.
Our Environmental team helped 45 clients set up composting collections in 2022

What does that mean for you? 

We believe that B Corp certification validates our commitment to our company goals: Lead the foodservice category, build value and create a positive impact. It highlights that Vegware is a brand you can trust. The emphasis we place on trust stems from a place of care. We care for our people, our customers and our partners. In a market of increasingly bold claims, we have taken a stand, choosing honesty in the wholehearted belief that our offering is the best. Trust is the bedrock of our business, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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