In a world increasingly conscious of environmental issues, consumers are demanding transparency and authenticity from businesses regarding their sustainability efforts. The term “greenwashing” has emerged to describe companies that exaggerate or falsely claim to be environmentally friendly.

In our new webinar we discuss this as well as the Green Claims Code and how it has the power to end greenwashing for good. Find out about the checklist used to help businesses align their environmental claims with the Green Claims Code.

  • Date: Wednesday 28th February
  • Time: 2pm
  • Duration: 45 mins

Topics will include:

  • Why the Green Claims Code exists
  • What is means to businesses and why they should comply
  • Why we don’t make bold claims
  • Vegware’s green claims journey – how we have evolved
  • Q&A with Michelle Carvill*, sustainable marketer. Michelle will give her top tips on the best way to incorporate the code into all comms