Transparency Talks with Vegware

Vegware presents ‘Transparency Talks’, a series of educational webinars where we give direct access to a range of our subject specialists. Join us to explore big topics including green claims, real-life foodservice recycling, and the latest research from psychologists who studied composting schemes at Vegware client sites. 

What to expect: 

  • Why transparency matters: Learn why transparency is at the heart of Vegware. From fantastic products and environmental consultancy to our excellent customer service and production processes. Discover how we uphold the highest standards to provide you with products you can trust. 
  • Green claims code: Dive deep into the concept of greenwashing, as we unveil the truth behind misleading environmental claims. Discover how Vegware sets the standard for authenticity in our messaging. 
  • Composting chronicles: Explore the fascinating world of composting and learn how Vegware’s products are designed for industrial composting. Uncover the secrets of turning waste into nourishment for the Earth. 
  • Material matters: Delve into the materials that make up Vegware’s innovative products.  

Save the dates: 

Mark your calendars. Our series of engaging webinars throughout 2024 will empower you to make informed choices.  

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