Vegware’s festival-ready products 

As the Summer sun shines and festival season begins, it’s time to celebrate. It’s not just about the music but also the way we enjoy our food and drinks on the festival grounds. This year, Vegware is back with a bang.  

Kraft trays: perfect for street food fun 

These trays are the ultimate companions for your festival feast. Whether it’s a loaded nacho platter, a fresh salad, or a classic festival hot dog, these trays handle it all with ease and style. Their kraft colour adds a touch of rustic charm and they are made from food safe, grease-resistant paperboard. 

Kraft containers: for all genres of cuisine

Next in our product spotlight are our new kraft containers. Available both as round and square containers, and in a range of sizes. Their shapes make them easy to hold and carry, and the secure lids ensure that your meals stay fresh and intact as your customers dance the day (and night) away. Poke bowls, curries, fried chicken, paella and more. These containers are perfect for your festival foodservice. Available in three sizes, 16, 24 and 34oz, with a choice of lids for hot or cold foods. 

Round kraft containers with clear PLA lids for cold food

Keen to compost?

Compostability will always be the focus for our entire range, with industry-leading certification and expertise to help clients Close the Loop.  Just fill out a couple of details and we’ll be in touch with information about composting opportunities specific to your area.

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