Vegware packaging now ‘Composter Approved’ by US Compost Manufacturing Alliance

Following successful trials, Vegware announces today it has received the Compost Manufacturing Alliance (CMA) approval on a wide range of its plant-based compostable foodservice packaging. These highly respected American standards provides official recognition and acceptance of the Vegware products as compostable by both CMA-I facilities and Cedar Grove’s covered processing system.

Testing compostables

The CMA and its affiliated partner, Cedar Grove Composting in Washington State, field testing results demonstrate that products manufactured by Vegware are acceptable in operations and processes.

The CMA is a partnership of the top U.S. compost manufacturers, providing field validation of compostable feed stocks within real world processing technologies. Cedar Grove Composting is a Seattle-based, family-owned business producing nutrient-rich compost.

As composting collections and processing grows in the US and globally, ensuring foodservice packaging works as feedstock in modern large-scale composting facilities is essential. This way, operations at each step of the organics recycling process runs smoothly.

Vegware approved

This official recognition allows access to the CMA “Composter Approved” logo. The “Composter Approved” logo signals nationwide processing opportunities to create quality compost from Vegware’s wide range of plant-based compostable foodservice packaging.

The Composting Manufacturing Alliance “Composter Approved” logo

Close to 100 Vegware products are now CMA approved. For a full list see here.This list will also soon be available on the CMA website. Vegware is committed to the CMA standard. We are working toward certification for its full range, with large numbers of products currently in testing.

Julia Wetstein, US Zero Waste Director, Vegware, says:

“CMA approval is an industry standard that establishes Vegware’s continued commitment to offering certified compostable catering disposables. Customers can use Vegware knowing that when taken to commercial composting, it will break down with food waste to create high-grade compost.”

Quality compost from quality compostables

Composting used Vegware with food scraps diverts post-consumer waste from landfill. It creates a product for agriculture, returns nutrients to soil, and improves soil structure. Research continues to show that healthy soils are essential to fight climate change. Quality compost also has considerable environmental benefit in storm water management.

Order your CMA approved Vegware products here.