The art of compost: creating soil improver from packaging

Birmingham’s Midlands Arts Centre (MAC) is a pioneering arts complex, committed to minimising its impact on the environment (read their full case study here). Its Catering team switched to Vegware, finding that we are one of the only brands offering a wide range of eco-friendly compostable products. 

One of our Waste Management Consultants conducted a site visit to understand MAC’s unique needs, arrange the composting collection, and provide advice on bin placement and signage, and other assets, as Lizzie Moran, Head of Technical Services at MAC, shares: 

“Vegware have provided assets for MAC to help us to communicate to our visitors which products are appropriate for Vegware bins. These assets include information about the composting conditions for the products – which have proved to be great briefing material for staff and members of the public interested the process.” 

After use, the Vegware packaging goes to a specialist facility where it is processed into high quality soil improver. Improving soils helps grow more crops and can help tackle climate change by keeping carbon within the soil. 

As a result of the introduction of Vegware products, MAC has been able to successfully continue a movement away from conventional plastic that’s difficult to recycle, and actively promote a sustainable way of working. 

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