Beyond Plastic

We’re looking forward to the ‘Beyond Plastic’ seminar in The Netherlands on March 4th. In 2019, Vegware launched operations from our new European warehouse in Brabant, and we welcome the opportunity to work closely with composting experts in mainland Europe, whilst better supporting our European clients.  

Our Communications and Environmental Director will be speaking at the British Embassy, The Hague, and ABN AMRO Bank N.V.’s ‘Beyond Plastic’ seminar discussing our innovative plant-based compostable packaging. The event will discuss the challenges and opportunities of reducing plastic waste from both commercial and governance perspectives.  

Speakers include representatives from Department of Food Agriculture and Rural Development, Van Werven – Infra & Recycling and Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Waterstaat. Dutch scientific researchers, experts and innovators are showing increased interest in compostable products. Recent research from Wageningen University reported that compostable PLA broke down faster than paper and orange peels, and could not be found after 11 days in Dutch composting facilities – read more here.  

We’re delighted to be meeting recycling experts and innovators from The Netherlands, and mainland Europe, at this event. Will you be there? For more information or to register contact