Bon Appetit bowls – new sizes

We’re delighted to announce two new sizes of paper Bon Appetit bowls – now available in 26, 32 and 48oz.

These Bon Appetit bowls are an excellent renewable option for serving up delicious curries, colourful burrito bowls and more. Great for a wide range of cold and hot foods.

The bowls and lids are part of our 185-Series, where each bowl has a top diameter of 185mm (7.3in), so you can mix and match the lids to suit. Pair with our sustainably-sourced paper for hot or clear PLA lids for cold.

Our new bowls join our award-winning paper bowl range. The 32oz paper bowl and lids won the Sustainable Food Awards 2019 for use of renewable materials and eco design. Made from sustainably-sourced paperboard, our paper bowls and lids feature Vegware’s award-winning Green Leaf band design, a visual cue so customers, staff, and waste collectors and processors know this is a compostable product.  

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