New legislation for plastic straws

Global efforts to reduce plastic waste have lead to legislation limiting the use of plastic straws. Don’t panic though, most Vegware customers are exempt from the straws ban in England!

Ban on plastic straws and stirrers in England

A new law came into effect in England on Thursday 1 October. The new rules state: You must stop supplying single-use plastic straws, cotton buds, and drink stirrers in England from 1 October, except for exempt uses.

The ban covers plastic and bioplastic straws including Vegware’s PLA and ecovio straws. Most Vegware customers, however, are exempt from the ban because they are considered to be catering establishments.


Catering establishments, however, are exempt (with some conditions).

Restaurants, pubs, canteens, food trucks and other food vendors can supply single-use plastic straws with food and drink for immediate consumption. They must however:

  • keep straws where customers cannot see them or help themselves to them
  • only give straws to customers that request them.

You can still supply straws as normal in care homes, nurseries, schools and prisons.

Detailed guidance on the changes in England is available here.

EU Single Use Plastics Directive

In May 2019 the EU formally approved a pioneer legislation to curb single-use
plastics which includes straws. The EU Single Use Plastics Directive comes into force in 2021.

Vegware straws made from bioplastics such as PLA and ecovio are included in the ban.

Paper straws are exempt

Looking for an alternative to plastic or bioplastic straws? Our paper straws are premium quality, food safe and they comply with all legislation in both the UK and the EU.

Made locally in the UK from 100% paper, they’re 3-ply (Jumbissimo is 4-ply), perfect for keeping carbonated drinks fizzy for longer.