We’re in today’s Times for 43% growth in a year

Read all about our 2019-2020 growth in The Times Business section today – we’re just a Scottish SME so being in national press is very exciting.

Vegware Holdings, an Edinburgh-based company founded in 2006, said that its revenue had risen by almost 43 per cent to £45.9 million as it sales soared in domestic and overseas markets.

Here’s a bit more background from our CEO and Vegware founder, Joe Frankel:

“Growing sales to over £42.5m from £30.8m in a year is a fantastic result which validates our mission and reflects the global appetite for high quality foodservice packaging which drives a sustainability agenda as well as ensuring hygiene.  

“As for many businesses, the past six months have been a stress-test for Vegware. Workplace catering, universities and global hospitality closed in the face of widespread lock-downs.  

“We are grateful to our clients with whom we have had to work very closely, to our raw material suppliers, and to our bank, Santander, for their support through a challenging period. 

Vegware directors. Clockwise from far right: CEO Joe Frankel, Environmental and Communications Director Lucy Frankel, Finance Director Irene Drury, Supply Chain and Customer Service Director Helen Mathieson, Sales Director Teresa Suter.
Vegware’s directors working from home. Clockwise from right: Joe Frankel, Lucy Frankel, Irene Drury, Helen Mathieson, Teresa Suter.

“As we have grown through the years, we have continually reinvested in production efficiency, capacity and systems. This ensured that we had the resilience to continue to support our clients through the shocks of the Covid pandemic. 

“2020 has required rapid adaptation to new ways of working and market realities. An exceptional team plus our strong relationships with our suppliers, clients, investors and wider stakeholders meant that this was possible, and we have come through with a stronger and more efficient enterprise than ever before.  

“Covid has caused significant disruption though has also brought a renewed focus on the hygiene guaranteed by single-use products. This combined with an appetite for sustainable solutions has allowed us to win new business, support new sectors and give us a robust view on our future outlook. 

“Vegware are now selling in over 70 countries and are Scotland’s top exporter in the Sunday Times International Track 200. We are in the process of expanding the footprint of our Dutch warehouse to support rapid sales growth expected as the EU bans unsustainable plastics from 2021. 

“We measure our impact in other ways too: trade composting collections for Vegware now cover 71% of the UK’s urban population, serving 54 of the UK’s largest cities. We are also working with composters in Ireland, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia, the US and many markets where biowaste is seen as a key part of the circular economy.”