COP26: Join Vegware at the Climate Ambition Zone

If you’re following COP26, why not join Vegware online at the Climate Ambition Zone. The event is live now until 11th November.

Vegware is in the virtual expo at the Climate Ambition Zone, a part of the Scottish Government’s Net Zero Scotland activities. You’ll find a whole varied programme of talks you can access online, from renewables to green skills and a keynote session on Net Zero. 

See the full event programme and get free online tickets here. And whilst you’re attending, drop by our virtual stand!

Vegware at COP26 Climate Ambition Zone Scotland Net Zero

Circular Economy day – Monday 8th Nov

Monday 8th November’s talks focus on the Circular Economy. That’s our area of expertise. So our Environmental team are on hand that day at our virtual stand to ‘meet’ event attendees.  

The big question is this: how does Vegware fit into a circular economy? We make our products from renewable, plant-based materials. It’s all designed for commercial composting after use. And we partner with the waste sector to help as many clients as possible set up composting schemes for used Vegware products and food scraps. 

Diverting food waste – avoiding methane 

It’s vital not to overlook waste in everyone’s climate ambitions. Food waste in landfill can emit methane, a greenhouse gas 30 times more potent than carbon dioxide. Plus, compost itself brings so many environmental benefits – sequestering carbon, reducing flood risk. What’s more, creating compost means less petrochemical fertiliser is needed. Read these 6 reasons composting is critical.

Where we can help a client set up composting bins, for example in a catered office, university café or tourist attraction, the compostable packaging acts as a vehicle to capture food scraps which would otherwise not be recycled.  

The many benefits of compost

Where composting isn’t possible and compostable packaging goes to incineration, there are still positives. Research shows that PLA in incineration produces plenty of useful energy, but unlike many waste types, it emits no volatile gases (see data from NatureWorks referring to PLA as Ingeo).

Here’s more about where composting collections are available to Vegware clients. Did you know we even run our own waste collections in Central Belt Scotland, covering Glasgow, Edinburgh and more? It’s called Close the Loop.

We are delighted to be in the Scottish Government’s pick of 100 innovative businesses and stakeholders. So many in the community are leading the way in addressing the net zero challenge. It’s a great way to demonstrate Scotland’s climate expertise to the world. The event and virtual showcase highlights the rich ecosystem of support that’s available to businesses as they embark on their net zero journey.  

If you’re following COP26, join Vegware online at the Climate Ambition Zone. Register for free online tickets here.

Interested in our plant-based materials and compostability certification? Read all about it here.