Wolfson Hall: University of Glasgow student halls bans sauce sachets and closes the loop

Wolfson Hall is a catered hall of residence at the University of Glasgow. Their Catering Manager switched disposables to Vegware’s plant-based compostable packaging. And by working with Vegware’s Close the Loop collections, the hall’s disposables now get composted. 

Catering Manager Paul Chalmers discovered Vegware at a trade show. He was keen to implement more sustainability measures. He was excited to learn about Vegware’s composting collection, Close the Loop.

Wolfson Hall also wanted to compost so Paul was introduced to Vegware’s Environmental team. They provided a bespoke consultancy plan. This detailed the steps to implement the composting scheme. Paul also found out how Vegware would support him and his team of 16 catering staff.

His team started trialling plant-based products because they wanted to make sure they worked first before making any changes to the waste. As his previous disposables ran out, Paul quickly replaced them with Vegware’s compostable hot cups and black lids, clear PLA cold cups, cutlery, takeaway containers and napkins.

No more sauce sachets

Wolfson Hall reviewed all disposables, removing as much plastic as possible. Plastic sachets represent a major recycling challenge which is thin film of aluminium laminated on both sides with plastic, then heavily contaminated with food residues.

“We used to have condiment sachets, but we couldn’t recycle them”. “Instead, we now use compostable 1oz portion pots with dispenser pumps for the sauce.” Find out more about Vegware’s versatile portion pots here.

Our portion pots

Composting – local recycling

In August 2018, Wolfson Hall started composting. Vegware’s Close the Loop service collects one wheelie bin of used disposables every week. At a Scottish commercial facility, it composts with food and garden waste. The resulting compost meets PAS100 quality standards. It is used on local farmers’ fields to nourish soil, improve structure and reduce flood risk.

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