Fife College, Footprint Awards and our Stakeholder Engagement 

We have been shortlisted for the Footprint Awards for Stakeholder Engagement! Working with Fife College, Vegware’s Waste Management Consultants brought together seven sets of stakeholders, implementing composting schemes across five-campus Fife College, onboarded in just a few months. 

7 stakeholders, 5 campuses, 22,000 students & 1 Footprint Award?

22,000 students attend Fife College, a Scottish further and higher education college spread across 5 campuses. 

Keen to continue the legacy of Glasgow hosting COP26, Fife College sought ways to reduce the amount of waste they send to landfill. As part of their Strategic Plan 2018-23, Fife College’s catering team had made the commitment to switch all foodservice disposables to Vegware. And Vegware’s Scottish composting collections, Close the Loop, provided the perfect solution.  

It can be a challenge to get widespread endorsement for change in larger organisations. Vegware’s Environmental team got enthusiastic buy-in from all relevant stakeholders to make the onboarding process a success: Fife College Facilities Management, Fife College Marketing team, its multinational contract caterer, its multinational waste contractor, college staff, and student representatives.  

Vegware’s efficient methodologies and engagement process provides a blueprint for success. Such stakeholder buy-in demonstrates current appetite for circular foodservice solutions. A circular economy exemplar, Fife College’s catering waste is now used to create compost for Scottish fields. 

Bins at Fife College’s Dunfermline campus

Check out our full Fife College case study!

Can we help you recycle more?  

Since 2012, we have been helping our clients close the loop, learning, evolving and developing our support all the while. In 2021, our Scottish Close the Loop collections composted the equivalent of 4.4 million 12oz cups and lids! 

We partner with waste collectors around the UK to ensure our customers can turn their used Vegware and food scraps into high-grade compost.  

Our Waste Management Consultants pride themselves on customer engagement, helping clients divert their waste from landfill. We also offer free waste consultancy to our customers to help them meet their sustainability goals.